PG Research laboratory

The laboratory, spearheaded by Dr. Kakandikar G. M, stands as a testament to innovation and advancement. Proudly funded by ARDB, DRDO, this cutting-edge facility is equipped with an array of state-of-the-art instruments, including a Micro Forming Machine, Double Disc Polishing Machine, Universal Testing Machine, Metal Chemical Etching Marking Machine, Microscope with Computer Interface Attachment, Digital Vernier 6”, Digital Micrometer Screw Gauge, Thermal Camera, Ultimaker 2+ Connect and Accessories, Vision Measuring System, and Electrolyte Polisher. These sophisticated tools collectively facilitate pioneering research endeavors. Established in 2021, this laboratory emerges as a beacon of opportunity for research scholars, offering a conducive environment to explore, experiment, and innovate in pursuit of scientific progress and breakthroughs.

1. Vision Measuring System
2. Four Ball Tester
3. Dry Bearing Friction Test Rig
4. Wear and Friction Monitor
5. Microscope with Computer Interface Attachment
6. Digital Micrometer Screw Gauge
7. Thermal Camera 
8. Ultimaker 2+ Connect 3D Printer and Accessories 
9. Journal Bearing Demonstration Apparatus
10. Michell Tilting Apparatus
11. Digital Vernier
12. Microprocessor Controlled furnace
13. Data Acqusion card for Pin on Disc Tester 
14. Frictional Force Load Cell 20KG 
15. Micro Forming Machine Parts
16. Double disc polishing Machine
17. Universal Testing Machine
18. Metal Chemical etching Marking machine
19. Electrolyte Polisher