Under the aegis of Dr. Kakandikar Ganesh a venerable luminary in the field, an esteemed centre of excellence has been instituted. It was graciously endowed by Aeronautics Research and Development Board, Defense Research and Development Organisation, New Delhi. The centre facilitates formality testing tools and equipments for thin foils of few micron thickness. It also enables researchers for micro structural study and analysis for mechanical testing. It also houses adequate heat treatment facilities for enhancements in micro structures. Enthroned in the year 2021, this centre of excellence has swiftly garnered prominence as an intellectual crucible for erudite researchers, offering an environment of heightened discernment to propel pioneering inquiries across a spectrum of academic frontiers.

1. Microprocessor Controlled Furnace
2. Micro Forming Machine Parts
3. Double Disc Polishing Machine
4. Universal Testing Machine
5. Metal Chemical Etching Marking Machine
6. Microscope with Computer Interface Attachment
7. Digital Vernier 6”
8. Digital Micrometer Screw Gauge
9. Ultimaker 2+ Connect and Accessories 
10. Vision Measuring System
11. Electrolyte Polisher